Riva boasts a highly diversified range in terms of both sizes and models: always appreciated by very demanding Italian and foreign customers looking for exclusivity, performance, safety and status, the brand manufactures open, coupé, and flybridge fiberglass vessels measuring between approximately 8 and 50 meters in length.

All models share several unmistakable details, the result of Riva’s century-old experience and long-standing tradition, such as fine woods, from mahogany to streaked wood, and a careful selection of color shades and grain. Even the cutting techniques and the timber’s perfect seasoning bear witness to the brand’s unmatched historical heritage in this sector. The painting of wooden parts has not changed over time either: twenty-four layers are applied onto the timber, following Carlo Riva’s “recipe”, to ensure perfect polishing and flawless resistance to water and saltiness.

Since the ‘50s, a true gallery of famous people have enjoyed, and indeed continue to enjoy, a Riva yacht: from Brigitte Bardot, with her Florida to King Hussein of Jordan, who moored his Super Aquarama in Santa Margherita Ligure; from Anita Ekberg, who purchased a Tritone where she could indulge in her own personal Dolce Vita, to Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who used a Junior as a tender for their yacht, and the Shah of Persia, who fell in love with the Riva 2000. Lastly, Sofia Loren and Sean Connery, who bought a Rudy three years after giving up filming the famous 007 series.

Though growing and evolving, Riva remains a luxury icon. A brand where the eccentricity of passing trends does not have the upper hand, but rather long-lasting quality, painstaking care over detail, that touch of glamour which underlines the correct balance between tradition and modernity.



Iseo rises magnificently to any challenge, the result of a marriage between tradition and innovation.

Aquariver Super

A masterpiece with legend in her wake. Her suave, elegant lines continue the game of seduction.


Rivamare is a jewel in the Riva crown that shines alongside other yachting masterworks in the brand’s oeuvre.


The new Dolceriva is captivating to say the least. A beauty defined by its classic looks and a joy to ride.

56' Rivale

With its unique combination of art, design, engineering and aesthetics, the 56 Rivale provides a boating experience like no other.

76' Bahamas

The 76′ Bahamas has the patented “C-Top” system that enables it to be transformed from open to coupé mode and vice versa.

88' Florida

The frisson of a coupé, the freedom of an open cruiser. The 88′ Florida is perfection evolved.


66' Ribelle

A high-tech sportfly, her sporty looks, performance and luxurious interior are equally impressive.

76' Perseo

Fast, beautiful and exciting, this sportfly is adventurous and pushes the boundaries in design.

88' Folgore

The 88′ Folgore is an absolute stunner, and like a vessel from the future, she dazzles with style, performance and innovation.


90' Argo

The Riva 90’ Argo is an exceptional flybridge that elicits a complementary blend of attention to detail and emotion.

100' Corsaro

The Corsaro’s dynamic nature is highlighted by an ultra sleek and slipstream exterior designed by Officina Italiana Design.

110' Dolcevita

The 110′ Dolcevita features tense lines, big side windows, and a low gunwale profile, making her an elegant and sleek vessel.

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