Ocean-inspired artworks to remind the sea-dweller of ‘home’

Posted by: Pen Marine

Keep the ocean breeze close with these paintings and photographs

The view from the deck is a beautiful thing, with nothing but waves stretching into the horizon. For centuries, the sea has inspired artists with its ever-changing landscape, from woodblock print The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa by Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai to classics such as Monet’s Waves Breaking and Turner’s Storm at Sea.

Keep that spectacle of colour, motion, and wavering light with you even when you’re not on the water. These easy-to-access artworks will remind you of the wind in your hair and the waves beneath when you’re in a cabin or even on land.

Untitled Painting by Mayumi Tsubokura (USD60,750)

Tokyo-born Mayumi Tsubokura discovered surfing in Japan, but it was a near-death experience trying to ride the towering waves in Hawaii that changed his relationship with the ocean. The ‘surf artist’ began capturing the different energy of waves from Hawaii to Tahiti, leading to oil-on-canvas grand formats such as this, full of light and movement.

Welle // Wave by Ansgar Skiba (RM142,750)

Capturing the force of water in motion is Düsseldorf painter Angsar Skiba, whose fascination with the sea began during a trip to the southwest English coast of Cornwall. His repertoire is any natural manifestation of water – waves, clouds and seascapes included – and it is in ethereal yet powerful imagery that he especially shines.

Ocean – Last Days World by Michael Kopplstatter (RM108,300)

Michael Kopplstatter brings an especially sensitive touch to his seascapes, evoking the emotion and sensuality of water on canvas. Ocean – Last Days World shows off his mastery with oil paints in frothy, rolling waves that play up contrasting colours and broad brushstrokes. The dreamy light where sea meets sky is another focal point in this exquisite piece by the Austrian artist.

Atlantique by Wolfgang Tillmans (Price upon enquiry)

Wolfgang Tillmans was the first non-British person and first photographer to win the prestigious Turner Prize in 2000. The German photographer has an impeccable talent for making the everyday extraordinary, as seen here with this moody shot of foaming waves rolling ashore. The 2016 Inkjet print on paper is work number 1 from an edition of 1 plus 1 artist’s proof.

Did any of these pieces in particular catch your eye? Let us know which, or share your favourite ocean-inspired artworks with us!