Three reasons to social-distance on superyachts

Posted by: Pen Marine

While Covid-19 has kept millions indoors worldwide, those who can are waiting out the pandemic on the water

For those with the means to afford it, there are liberating ways to weather the Covid-19 storm while still abiding by social distancing protocols. Most flights grounded and borders are still closed, and so private or chartered yachts soared in demand this past year as the 1 percent embraced the opportunity to lockdown out at sea. Here are three great reasons to do so.

Safety a priority

Whether docked at a marina or chasing the waves, exposure to others is severely limited. Large storage rooms on the vessels can hold sufficient supplies to stay away from shore for weeks or months on end. Once onboard and cleared of symptoms, guests can go without masks and mingle freely as the crew is closely monitored (and would mostly have been secluded at sea) and cabins are diligently cleaned and disinfected between charters. Some even feature air filters that reduce the spread of pathogens.

Most cruise ship terminals and ports worldwide have closed but the low traffic, high standards of hygiene and the outdoors environment at superyacht marinas have been deemed low risk conditions for Covid-19 transmission.

Sea and sun


Access to swimming pools and playgrounds on land might be restricted, but there’s unlimited Vitamin D available out on the water. Soak in the recommended dose of sunshine daily with all manner of distractions and pursuits possible. Suntan on the deck, go for a dip in the Jacuzzi, or read as the waitstaff ensure the cocktail glass never runs dry. Water babies could snorkel or dive, while fishermen might grab their reels for a spot of deep-sea fishing. Then there are the toys: think floating trampolines, inflatable water slides and climbing walls, kayaks, paddleboards, jet skis, Seabobs, jet packs and underwater drones. There’s enough to keep guests occupied for months.

A new normal

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Social distancing does not have to mean a total suspension of reality. For many magnates, life goes on in its customary comfort, just in a different setting. Remote working could ensure it is business as usual for the adults while online lessons and the services of private tutors on board could keep school-goers up to date with classes. And education is not limited to the formal. Children also have the chance to take cooking classes with the chef or explore the yacht or engine room to learn the ropes of sailing or the technology in use.

We are living through unchartered territory and strange times, navigating our way to the other side as best we can while keeping our loved ones as safe as possible. Put on Enya’s Sail Away and tell us how you would spend time onboard if given the chance. If this all seems highly appealing to you, you can always charter a yacht with us to get a taste of this different type of social distancing. Stay safe out there!