These are some of the best wine displays on superyachts

Posted by: Pen Marine

This is how four ocean-going wine connoisseurs elevate their tasting experience

An exquisite vessel and an extraordinary collection of bottles necessitates an equally impressive display architecture. Rare and fine vintages are enjoyed with the eyes first after all, and only then are they tasted and appreciated. Here are four passionate (and highly affluent) boaters who are equally passionate about their collection of wines, and have created masterful displays on their superyachts.

Private browsing

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First, the name; next, its location. These two things tell you the owner of Vertige is serious about his wine, christening his yacht after his favourite white and keeping his collection between the main saloon and the master suite. The beautiful 50-meter Tankoa takes her name from the Rhône Valley’s violet-nosed and subtly fruity Condrieu Vertige, and boasts an exemplary walk-through display. The wood-and-glass construction can hold 300 bottles and its location allows the owner to select the evening’s wines on the way to dinner or pour a nightcap without bothering the crew.

Serious tasting

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The M/Y Andromeda, formerly known as Ulysses, is a magnificent benchmark of shipbuilding expertise. The 107-meter luxury expedition yacht is one of the toughest toys out on the water, but don’t let her rugged build fool you. While exceptionally outfitted, no space holds a candle to her temple of vino. This inner sanctum is reserved solely for the appreciation of vintages, with graceful lines and generous proportions that suspend reality so nothing distracts from the bouquets and beguiling notes.

Work of art

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Rather than tucked away in a secluded wine cellar, wine is embraced as part of the aesthetic onboard the M/Y Suerte. The interiors of the 69-meter Tankoa superyacht look like they came straight out of a design magazine, but nowhere is this more evident than the dining room. Sunlight floods the space to highlight the sculptures scattered throughout and installation worked into the ceiling. The all-glass and white-backed wine wall is a natural extension of this art-driven brief, with the bottles seeming to float in mid-air.

Full throttle

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When your identity is staked on sleek lines and pure performance, you want a wine rack to match. Moonraker slices through the waves as though her 49.9-meter frame was summoned by the sea itself. Wood and marble clad the surfaces within, while chrome and glass panels were chosen for the wine display to evoke a sense of aerodynamism. The contemporary design of this cabinet also extends to a humidor, tying together twin pleasures when out at sea.

The best wine displays convey an authentic sense of personality, from playful or peaceful to inspirational or aspirational. How would you decorate your vino retreat onboard? Share your ideas with us!