The underwater world is yours with Sublue’s latest scooters

Posted by: Pen Marine

These 3 devices will meet the needs of recreational and professionals users alike

Sublue is a relatively new player into the wide market of underwater mobility devices, where established brands like Seabob have created a great product that was seemingly perfect. That’s why when Sublue entered this space, they had to innovate and make devices that were unlike any other. Their first few products were launched to wide acclaim, especially the WhiteShark Mix scooter that had a built-in GoPro mount to film underwater escapades and was also highly portable. The brand has now unveiled new devices to further augment exploration into the mysterious and beautiful underwater world.

All Sublue devices here can be purchased from Pen Marine.

Sublue Mix Pro

Building on the success of the WhiteShark Mix, the new Mix Pro is the smallest double propeller underwater scooter that can be bought today. It has two selection speeds: 1.3m/s and 1.8m/s. This added versatility means you can take your time, or go quickly when needed. It also has a larger battery that extends the life of the Pro to 60 minutes, enabling greater exploration distances. Depths up to 40m can be explored safely, as this is the Pro’s waterproof rating.

A great addition to the new Pro is a waterproof phone case that can be purchased separately and mounted to capture every moment underwater. This is a great add-on, as media captured to a phone can be instantly shared without the need to transfer it back and forth. Otherwise, the mount is also ready for most action cameras as well.

What’s more, only one hand is needed to operate the device as control buttons are available on both wings. When the button is not pressed, the Pro will come to an immediate stop for safety. The device weighs in at 3kg when attached to the detachable battery, making it easy to carry around. The batteries are also FAA compliant and can be brought onto flights. In our opinion, the Pro is a great all-rounder, compact enough to be brought anywhere, light and easy to use so that even children can enjoy it, and powerful enough to propel adults easily underwater.

Sublue WhiteShark Tini

Another evolution of the WhiteShark, the Tini is even more portable than the Pro, with an added edge of modularity and the price quoted above is for a single propeller. In this variation it has two speeds: 1.1m/s and 1.4m/s. However, two Tinis can be attached together easily, and can go as fast as 2m/s. Unlike the Pro, it is rated waterproof to a depth of 20 metres, and so it better suited for activities closer to the surface.

The Tini has additional talents too. It has a mount that is compatible with the waterproof case mentioned above and an action camera, and more interestingly, the mount can be attached to an inflatable kickboard too. Getting this additional peripheral will be a great hit with the kids.

With the battery, Tini will weigh 3kg, but it can be disassembled to be packed into a smaller compartment, making the Tini highly portable. Due to its design that emphasises modularity, the control handle is detachable as well, and has its own in-built power system. The main body of the Tini has a battery life rated to 45 minutes, but the control handle is rated to 150 minutes.

Sublue Seabow

The halo product made by Sublue is the Seabow, the scooter that is less of a pleasure device and more of a piece of professional equipment. Three speeds can be found here: 1m/s, 1.5m/s and 2m/s, each corresponding to modes named Free, Sport, and Turbo. The OLED display will show what mode it’s in, along with the current battery life, which is a highly useful feature. At full charge, the Seabow will keep going for 75 minutes, and a haptic feedback will be given when it reaches 30%.

Unlike the other two, the Seabow is able to mount a base plate that can host professional equipment, such as cameras, lights, a float arm, and many more. This makes the Seabow a compelling addition to an underwater videographer’s armament. It is rated to waterproof to 40 metres as well.

All of this comes at the cost of its weight. The Seabow weighs in at 4.5kg with its battery – not too heavy but still more than the Pro and Tini. It comes with an array of accessories like a balance weight bracket with 3 lead weights, a D-ring buckle, a tow rope and a strap to keep it tied to the diver. A host of options are available too, like a rapid 2-hour charger, a quick-release camera holder, a photographic base plate, a scuba diving weight harness and a waterproof backpack. All of these means that most – if not all – basses are covered in the course of a professional’s use of the scooter.

All three of these underwater scooters can be purchased at Pen Marine now. Bring one of these along on your next boating trip and experience the sea extraordinarily. You can also read our other articles on toys that you just have to bring to sea here.