Why charter a yacht in 2021?

Posted by: Pen Marine

What we all need right now is something to look forward to for the year

Even though a new year has just started, it only took two weeks before many (us included!) realised that outrunning the legacy of 2020 is going to require more patience and more #kitajagakita from us all. Does this then mean that we go into the year with a negative outlook? Heaven forbid, says we! We can still plan out our year with optimism and hope. That’s why we think chartering a yacht is one of the best breaks one can take.

Instant social distancing

In the final couple of months of 2020, with international borders still closed, many of us took to visiting other states around Malaysia for a much needed break. This caused many local tourist haunts to be inundated with people, and social distancing becomes nigh on impossible. The solution? Go out to sea with your family, or close friends. You can then head to secluded beaches, and more. Human traffic is no longer a concern.

Every room has a view of the sea

Hotels charge more for rooms that face the sea, and they are highly sought after and almost always booked out. Take a yacht out for the weekend, and you’ll not want for sea views. What’s more, the sea is so close you can literally feel it.

The agenda is your own

Yes, buying a ticket to a cruise ship also affords you ocean views, but then you are beholden to their locations, their activities, their schedules – not to mention the traffic on deck. Chartering a vessel means you are intimately a part of the planning process (you can read our guide to optimising your charter here). Maybe your objective for the charter is some much needed R&R. Maybe you want to explore the islands and beaches around Penang Island. Maybe you want to mark a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday with a candlelight dinner by a renowned chef. The freedom of choice is yours.

Superlative luxury meets privacy

Yachts are that put to charter for holidays are almost always luxuriously appointed. What’s more, the larger they are, the more luxurious they become. Well known designers have a hand in the interior, while materials used are always chosen with significance. As mentioned above, you can hire a private chef just for the occasion, who will then design a menu with your activities in mind, from gourmet picnics on deserted shores to fine dining just offshore. Larger crafts are also usually chartered with staff, so you don’t have to worry about chores. You can have all of this, and you can also have your own privacy at the same time.

No dull moment, unless you wish it

Family-friendly charters will have a myriad of toys on board. Inflatables, scuba diving gear, sometimes even fishing rods. More luxurious charters may even provide Seabobs or jetskis, and larger yachts will have cinemas with a good selection of movies. Of course, one can always just take it easy. You can sunbathe on any of the lounging areas, or read a book on a quiet beach.

Make it a gift for reaching goals this year

Usually, hitting targets mean bonuses and a trip to another country, but international borders are likely to remain closed for a while. Chartering a yacht is another great incentive you can give hardworking employees for reaching their goals, especially in a year where hitting targets may have been more than difficult.

At the time of writing this article, Malaysia is going through another Movement Control Order and a holiday may seem farfetched. However, don’t disregard the power of hope – having something positive and exciting to look forward to for the year may just be what many of us needs. As usual, get in touch with us here, and we wish you all the best for the year ahead!