What’s going on with Jeanneau’s Merry Fishers?

Posted by: Pen Marine

Here’s the whole story on this range of cheerful yachts

Jeanneau has a boat for almost everything. From bluewater sailboats to flybridge cruisers, interested boaters should really dive into their range to get a glimpse of the features and types of boats wanted by the boating world. This also shows the versatility of the shipyard, and their understanding of what boaters want and need. And of their many seaworthy vessels, we have a special liking to the cheerful Jeanneau Merry Fishers.

The Merry Fisher

The Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795.

There are currently 7 models in the range: the 605, 695, 795, 895, 1095, 1095 Fly, and 38 Fly. They vary in length of course, from 18’ all the way up to 38’. You may be thinking, these boats aren’t large, and you’re right. Even so, the shipyard has managed to fit in berths for four even in the smallest Merry Fisher 605. Size may be the first measure of a boat, but it certainly doesn’t tell the whole story.

As the name suggests, Merry Fishers are boats built with fishing in mind, but don’t let that detract your interest from the range. These boats are made primarily for coastal cruising, with features for casual fishermen. Think of them as cruisers that can go fishing, if you will. Every model in the range has a leisure space aft of the boat, and a sundeck on the fore, which favours the previously mentioned predisposition.

The Merry Fisher 1095 Fly has a flybridge as well.

As the Merry Fishers increase in LOA, so too does their ability to stay out longer on the water. The larger models, like the 1095 Fly and 38 Fly, are excellent weekend explorers, even featuring a flying bridge to add to the experience. They are small enough to be highly agile and berthed inexpensively, but still large enough for a small family’s coastal meandering. The smaller models of the range can even be trailered, and would make excellent first boats for many just dipping their toes into the water.

The Merry Fisher Marlin

The Merry Fisher Marlins have a more upright front window.

This range of boats are similar to the Merry Fishers, but they are decidedly biased towards the sport of fishing. The Merry Fisher Marlin has an upright front window for a more traditional wheelhouse cruiser design, and you’ll notice the absence of a sundeck on all the models, so that all the space around the deck can be used for the sport.

The smallest boat in the range, the MF 605 Marlin also has a very interesting feature – the dashboard can slide aft out of the wheelhouse so the craft can be navigated and manoeuvred better, especially while single-handed.

There are four boats in the range, the 605 Marlin, 695 Marlin, 795 Marlin, and 895 Marlin. These are all the LOA in metres, and even though the primary focus of the range is on fishing, they don’t lack in features for guests. Paddleboards can be fastened to the roof of the 695 Marlin, while the 795 Marlin can be specified with two configurations. Fishing enthusiasts can opt for a 3-panel sliding door for easy access into the helm from the saloon, while families would appreciate having a larger saloon with extra seats.

This Merry Fisher 795 Marlin has been configured with the fishing option.

The Merry Fisher range of Jeanneau boats are their most versatile, capable of cruising, entertaining guests, fishing and taking the family out for a weekend. They are remarkably friendly without breaking the bank, and there is something in the range for new boaters and sea dogs alike. You can check out the entire range here.