Four podcasts for the yachting enthusiast

Posted by: Pen Marine

From tips and tricks to ambition and adventure on the open seas

Sometimes, we find ourselves thinking about the sea breeze as we’re sitting in the air conditioning of our cars. In a traffic congestion. On a Monday. With looming deadlines. In moments like these, just switch on some of these podcasts and spend your land-dwelling hours in the company of mariners anywhere.

These programs cover the gamut of sailing topics, spanning practical knowledge to awe-inspiring feats out on the water. Download or stream these shows to evoke the adrenaline of action on deck or the memory of salty ocean spray when you miss the call of the waves.

On the Wind

Formerly known as 59º North, On the Wind is hosted by professional sailor and journalist Andy Schell who specialises in long-form interviews. Apart from segments on ocean safety or tales about tackling big waves in small sailboats, he speaks to personas such as Arctic sailor Bob Shepton, tech guru Nigel Calder, and British legend Sir Robin Knox-Johnston – the first person to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe non-stop – about chasing huge dreams on the high seas. This is the ultimate offshore sailing podcast to tune into, with new episodes every other week.

Shirley Robertson’s Sailing Podcast

Double Olympic gold medalist and British sailing star Shirley Robertson calls in monthly from her competitive arena with in-depth interviews and insights that take listeners to the heart of the action. She shares candid conversations with peers such as Olympian Benedict Ainslie and Australian yachtsman Nick Moloney, as well as behind-the-scenes stories at the America’s Cup, the Olympic race course and high-octane quests like helming the world’s fastest sailing boat.

Yachting International Radio

A multimedia platform with vlogs and podcasts uploaded frequently on Spotify, Yachting International Radio is at the forefront of industry news and trends. It covers an expansive array of topics: buyer behaviour, environmental affairs, market news related to seafarers, and self-development skills that are handy on board. Most interesting, however, are the crew updates and personal stories – look out for a recent heart-stopping episode about an orca attack off the Straits of Gibraltar.

Sailing in the Mediterranean and Beyond

Those chill Mediterranean vibes come in loud and clear on this immersive show, with a highlight on the cruising lifestyle and the sailors who go where the wind blows. Whether you man the lines yourself or are an armchair dreamer aspiring to face the deep blue someday, this is a terrific resource to find out more about sailing gear, tips and techniques, chartering and charter bases, local knowledge about specific geographical areas and good ol’ escapades and exploits.

Bonus feature:

If you think sailing is a man’s sport, think again. YachtFemme with Andrea Tagliaferro is a new podcast that turns the spotlight onto the leading women in luxury yachting, including an excellent interview with yacht designer Veronica Schmid.

Most of the titles on this list have quite literally years of content, and we think anyone from new boaters to industry experts will enjoy checking them out. Let us know what you think if you give any of them a listen, or tell us about your go-to podcast for all things sailing.