Best yachting season in Southeast Asia

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Let’s talk about the weather in our region

You know the joke – we have two seasons in Malaysia and they are wet or wetter. If that is so, will you be able to enjoy a substantial investment like a yacht  properly and frequently? And what about the weather in the region? Surely the idyllic and peaceful pictures we so often see of tropical beaches can’t all be untrue.

The diverse geographical differences in the ASEAN countries actually result in a slightly different climate in every country. Here we’ll try to summarise the best times to enjoy boating in our favourite countries here.


There are two wet seasons in Peninsular Malaysia. On the west of the peninsula the wet season usually occurs between April and October, and November to February at the east. This means that with good planning, yachting in Malaysia is a year-round activity.

The wet season on the west coast can be braved if necessary because the thunderstorms that usually occur in the afternoon are brief. However, avoid the east coast during its rainy season as the thunderstorms are quite violent. Outside of the monsoon months, the east coast is generally drier than the rest of the peninsula and is therefore a perfect yachting destination.

On another note, Peninsular Malaysia faces a yearly haze from industrial-scale slash-and-burn practices in Indonesia, and it is especially bad between July and October.


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The island state of Singapore is one of Asia’s most dynamic cities, with a great culture of boating owing to the fact that, well, it is an island. Like Malaysia, there are two wet seasons, between December to March and June to September.

What’s interesting is that the first wet season has a ‘dry phase’ in February and March, and so this four-month long window to the next monsoon season is the best time to explore the waters around the island.

Like Malaysia, Singapore’s proximity to Indonesia also results in a yearly haze, so plan your excursions around it.


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Beautiful beaches, coupled with amazing diving and snorkelling locations, as well as the warm hospitality of its people makes Thailand one of the best yachting destinations in Southeast Asia. The country boasts more than 3,000 km of coastline and a multitude of gorgeous islands. Undoubtedly, the best way to visit this country is by sea.

The monsoon season in Thailand varies by region, but as it’s coast is to the south, that’s the one we’ll focus on. On the west of the peninsula heavy rain occurs between April to October, while most of the showers fall between September and December on the east.


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The country holds the record as the largest archipelago in the world with over 18,000 islands. Bali is one of those islands, and with an abundance of quiet beaches and world-class dive sites, Indonesia is a great destination for yachters. Rainy season goes on from November to March, and so there is a window in the middle of year to bring your yacht here.

Like all tropical countries, thunderstorms still occurs during the drier seasons, so make a habit of checking the weather regularly. Glancing at the weather forecast every morning is a good habit to have, but just to be extra, extra safe, get a couple of  phone applications like Navionics and Yachting Weather App to keep abreast of the latest changes in weather too.