Small islands that are a stone’s throw away from Straits Quay

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Check out these places if you’re new to the waters around Penang Island

While there are innumerable things you can do and many places you can go with a boat, for those new to the experience it can be daunting as the possibilities are, well, endless as the sea. With this in mind, we recommend exploring the waters near you first, and for us in Penang Island, it means visiting a few places that are usually unknown to the casual visitor to the island.

There are actually a few reasons for this. If you’re new to piloting watercraft, staying close to a familiar shore is always a good idea, as is cutting your helming teeth in intimate waters. And for those new to chartering crafts from us, what better way to start the experience than to check out some of these locations.

The two Penang Bridges

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Driving over these impressive structures are a regular occurrence for Malaysians, and surely you’ll remember your earliest memories of going over the first bridge. The awe, the excitement, the general sense of wonder. We assure you, going under the bridges the first few times in a watercraft will give you the same sense of amazement.

Even so, crafts are only allowed to pass at a specific area under the bridges, and since it is the path for everyone, remember to not stop there. Instead, just go slow and take a moment to appreciate these amazing structures.

Pulau Aman

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This is a more familiar name to most Malaysian. Pulau Aman’s proximity makes it a favourite destination for casual tourists, but as they have to follow ferry timings, having your own mode of transportation there and away is a huge bonus.

The locals there are warm and friendly, and like all places worth visiting in Malaysia, there is a Mee Udang here that’s worth trying as well – we recommend you head there early for lunch, as it’s known to sell out quick early.

Another interesting attraction – for phytophilous persons especially – is what is known to be the oldest breadfruit tree in Malaysia, which is over a century old.

Pulau Rimau

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Just off the southeast of Penang Island, Pulau Rimau is famous as the site of a British-build lighthouse that helps crafts navigating into the Penang Strait from the south. The lighthouse was built in 1885, and as it is the only point of interest on there, the island is out of bounds to the general public. Even so, a sail-by is all you need to appreciate this interesting piece of history for our country.

Pulau Kendi

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Compared to the two islands above, Pulau Kendi is the furthest, and therefore there is minimal traffic to the island. There is a quiet stretch of beach on the island if you’d like to picnic here, and the coral reef just off the beach is also worth visiting. Seasoned anglers have been known to cast their lines from some of the jagged rocks that skirt the island.

As it is our privilege to be able to visit some of these islands and see the beauty of nature around them, so it is our responsibility to leave the place exactly as we found them. Leave nothing behind but footprints, and take nothing back but memories. Let’s make sure these places remain as they are for our children to enjoy as well. There are a lot more information on these places online, and you can always speak to us at Pen Marine to find out more.