Make the best of your yacht charter

Posted by: Pen Marine

Here’s how you can enjoy the experience to its fullest

Chartering a luxury yacht is a holiday where the journey is as pleasureble as the destination, sometimes maybe even more so. And like any trip anywhere, taking the time to plan and prepare will make it more enjoyable. This isn’t a list to itemise what you should bring, no, instead, we’re going to talk about some things we’ve observed in our years of chartering yachts that will definitely help to make a good trip a great one.

Of course, we understand that yacht charters can range from day sojourns to month-long voyages, so the advice below are suitable for all instances. Let’s start.

Talk to us

When clients charter with us, we always ask questions. Some are quite simple, like the food they like to eat, if they have allergies to certain medications, and the like. Some, however, are quite in depth, ranging from questions like where they usually like to anchor to their preferred music on board.

In fact, the more details a client can provide, the better we are able to craft the best experience. Sometimes, we find out that a guest may be more prone to seasickness, and will adjust accordingly. Sometimes, clients may even want a higher level of privacy, and so we are able to give the right instruction to the crew. The more we know, the better we will be able to customise the experience to your liking.

Talk to the captain

All captains, without exception, are highly knowledgeable. They know the vessel and the charter route intimately, and also take pride in being able to recommend hidden spots. Take the time to speak to the captain frequently on a charter and you’ll have fantastic additions to your itinerary.

Moreover, the skipper is also usually well versed on local customs at various ports of call on any long voyage as they often travel to these places, so faux pas can be avoided. On a whole other note, the captain is the highest authority on the ship at sea, so charterers can always speak to them if they have an issue with the crew.

Talk to the crew

On longer charters or larger yachts, a crew is a must, and like the captain, they are professionals. Years spent on boats have given them many skills (and interests) that will benefit you on a trip. The crew is likely to know the prime scuba diving spots, fishing spots, and like the captain, also know the lore and customs around the world.

Some may even be accomplished chefs and others on their way to captaining their own boat. They are highly interesting individuals with a passion for the sea, and so a little courtesy will go a long way to building a friendship with them.

You’re on a boat. Be safe.

While everyone will do their best to keep guests safe and happy, we also want to emphasise that there is intrinsic danger to being on a boat. Listen to the customary safety briefing on all charters as different boats may have different briefs, and please do not ask the crew or captain to bend the rules. This puts them in a difficult position as they must refuse the request, but at the same time they want to have a great relationship with everyone on board.

Having said that, safety is of an even higher priority to the captain. They may say no to going somewhere due to weather or other concerns, so keep communication open and easy so that any conflict can be easily resolved.

Barefoot rules

Most luxury yachts have expensive hardwood floors that are easily scuffed by shoes with hard soles, so crew will usually have a basket or container to keep your shoes when you get on board. It may be a little strange if you’re not accustomed to it, but don’t worry! These hardwood floors are not only good to look at, but when finished right they won’t be slippery either.

Family time

Crewmembers are generally great with kids, but we always recommend you bring along a babysitter or caregiver as their many duties will take them away from the children. Sometimes, they may offer to look after the kids if you want to go exploring for a few hours, but that’s the extra mile they go to please guests and is not actually part of their regular duty.

We always advise parents to bring along  favourite toys and plan out activities you can do with the kids, as a family charter is about having family together. We have a list here you can check out for some great ideas.

Bring a furry friend

Dog and cats are great companions on water, and in fact certain breeds love it and are well suited to life at sea. Bring some toys to keep them occupied, walk them around the yacht often and at ports-of-call, and of course, bring along a harness to keep them secure and a life jacket for bad weather.

Please also take care to check the regulations on animal import if you plan to bring them on shore at foreign countries, and always check with the captain and boat owner if they are fine with having a furry friend on board.

Chartering a yacht is a great way to enjoy the sea and the many sights a long the way, much like a road trip but on water and without the headache of traffic. If you’re new to it, we recommend shorter trips first to get your sea legs. Once you have an appetite for it, come find us to plan out long and memorable adventures at sea.