Bring these toys on your next yachting trip

Posted by: Pen Marine

Your guests will love them

For a lot of boaters and yachters, the joy of planning the trip and navigating your craft at sea is pleasure enough. Even so, a large part of the experience is also bringing family and friends on board. Children and inexperienced pilots may not be able to handle your craft, so take along some of these toys to add some more fun to their journey.

Maybe you’ll even be able to persuade reluctant guests to come along for a ride and learn to love the sea as well. Aside from the usual items like wake boards and jet skis, we thought we’d recommend some lesser known items in this article.

For smaller crafts around 40 feet

Superyachts have all the space to hold toys, but smaller crafts can also bring items that will add some zest to the experience.

Aqua Zorbs

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This unusual looking thing is actually an inflatable orb that you can use to ‘walk on water’. All you need to do is to pump it up, get it, and throw yourself into the water. Disclaimer: pumping them can be tough, depending on your inflation tool. We recommend calmer waters for this toy.


Stand-up Paddleboards are great. They provide the same mobility as canoes, enabling boaters to get to beaches and explore shallow waters safely, but require much less stowage space. Some are even inflatable, and thus is a great option for smaller vessels.

Waterski ‘Trainers’

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If younger children are keen to have a go at waterskiis, we recommend they start with inflatable waterskiing trainers instead. These things have a flat bottom for stability, and wider sides so children can fall on them without getting hurt.

Bigger yachts, bigger toys

A larger yacht equals more space to fill with toys (and also more guests that may require more diversion, maybe)!

Water trampoline

It’s a trampoline, it’s inflatable for optimum stowage efficiency, and it’ll keep the kids engaged for hours on end.

Kayaks / canoes

Like the SUP on top, kayaks or canoes enable boaters to explore shallow waters. It is highly recommended that you get one with a clear floor, and you’ll be able to enjoy the marine life underneath as you sightsee.


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There are models for adults and children alike. Seabobs are electric-powered and allow the user to explore a wider area of water without getting too tired. It’s a fantastic toy to have, especially for snorkelers and scuba divers.

Electric surfboards

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It’s like a cross between a jetski and a surfboard, providing a good balance between being lightweight and fast.

Mobility on land

If your journeys take you to port, bring along an electric bicycle to explore the city. Depending on the size of your yacht, it can be a foldable bicycle or a normal one. Otherwise, an electric scooter may achieve the same. Many countries have differing laws to govern these mobility devices, so it’s a good idea to do a bit of reading before you get there.

Having fun out there is great, but as always safety is the highest priority. There are risks involved in using any kind of equipment, so do a bit of research and learn to use them before you take it to sea. Have a great time out there!