The Full Boating Experience with PCDC

Posted by: Pen Marine

Part 2 : Expanding Your Horizons

The Power Craft Driving Course is part of our commitment to creating a nation that loves the sea. Of course, we know that the unknown can be fearful. Therefore, the course is crafted in a way that makes it easy enough for beginners to enjoy. It is also thorough enough so that people who know the sea can also take home relevant knowledge.

We explored PCDC in detail in part 1 of this article. Here in part 2, let’s talk about how your horizons open up when you know the sea and the rules that govern its crafts.

The sea is my friend

All of us have been around the sea at some point in our lives. We may have visited a beach with our family, or went to an island for our holiday. Allow us to suggest that when you do so in the future, get to know the ocean in that part of the world.

Why so? Well, we know that the ebb and flow of the tide changes throughout the month. High tide and low tide will affect the water currents even around the beach. Thus, you’ll be able to make safer and more informed decisions on travel times and even on water activities.

How does this pertain to boating, then? During low tides, reefs in shallower water become danger zones, while sand banks may beach your craft. During high tide, some bridges become too low to pass under. Knowing your boat, knowing the tide, knowing the area – all these come into play, and PCDC has a module on this very topic.

What’s more, avid fishermen know that certain fishes can only be caught during certain times of the month and at certain times of the day. Knowledge of the sea plays a big role in your experience when yachting or boating.

And finally, we also want to highlight that while tools like Navionics make life infinitely easier, the ability to extract information from these electronic navigation charts is still highly necessary for boaters. PCDC will also teach you how to read the symbols on these maps, which will help in having an accident-free experience.

Expand your horizon

There are so many activities you can have while out at sea. Of course, hiring a boat and her captain can achieve much the same, but may we put it to you that it’s the difference between being driven, and being in the driver’s seat.

Chartering a boat and taking the helm yourself ensures that your timetable is your own. The pleasure of taking care of the occupants are your own. The excitement – and achievement – of planning your route, reading the important points on the map and finally reaching a destination is your own.

You can head out to a secluded beach for the day away from the bustle of popular spots. Get to quiet fishing spots and enjoy the day with your friends. Celebrate occasions on a yacht or even mark extra special ones with those closest to you. It’s entirely up to you. You are the captain of your fate, and all this starts at PCDC.

We’ll end this article here, so thank you for taking the time to read this and allowing us to share with you our love of the sea. You can find Part 1 of the article here, and the final part in the series will be written as soon as our PCDC participants take the helm in Module 3 of the course.

Till then, we wish you calm seas and full sails.